Supported functionality within Discussion Boards allows for an instructor or student to subscribe to a forum. When a thread is added, the user should receive an email with those details. However, users are not getting these emails, whether individually or as a digest. There are currently two (2) known issues with discussion board notifications:

  • Users do not get notifications from the discussion board
  • Users do not get daily digest with notifications from unread threads on a discussion board.

The first known issue is scheduled for a fix with the Q4 2017 update. The cloud environment supports two upgrade windows per year (December / May). Since UMBC typically does not install newly released updates from Blackboard until they have been tested, it is possible the fix will not be installed until May 2018. This FAQ will be updated when the fix is applied and the issue(s) corrected.

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When "opt in" discussion board subscription is enabled, Blackboard sends out email alerts if there are new posts or replies. The instructor decides whether the subscription email contains the entire message or a link to the message.

Subscriptions to forums or threads can be enabled when the forum is first created or when the forum settings are edited.

  1. To enable subscription in a forum that already exists, click on the chevrons to the right of the forum name.
  2. Select Edit
  3. Under #3. Forum Settings, select the Subscribe options to allow users to subscribe to the entire forum, or to individual threads.
  4. Click Submit
  5. The same options are also available when you first create a forum.

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