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  1. Make Sure Edit Mode is set to ON.

  2. Choose Announcements from the Course Menu, then click Create Announcement.

  3. Enter the subject of your announcement and then type your announcement in the message text area.

  4. Select the duration, and choose date restrictions for your announcement if needed.

  5. Select the Email Announcement check box to send an email with the announcement to all course members, which includes students, instructors, and teaching assistants. This option doesn't work if you chose to post the announcement in the future.

  6. Optionally, in the Course Link section, select Browse to link to a course area, tool, or item.
  7. Click Submit.

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  1. Select the announcements link from the Details & Actions panel on the left side of your course.
  2. Enter a title for the announcement. The title has a 256-character limit.

  3. Enter your message. Use the options in the message editor to format text, embed multimedia, and attach files.
  4. Check Send an email copy to send a copy of the announcement to your students.

    NOTE: You can't send an email copy for an announcement scheduled to display in the future. Announcement emails are always sent and aren't controlled by the global notification settings.

  5. Select Save to save your announcement as a draft. On the Course Announcements page, you can post announcements when you're ready.

You can also schedule announcements to post automatically in your course on the date and time you choose. If you schedule an announcement to display in the future, the email check box is disabled.