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  1. Make sure Edit Mode is ON

  2. Click on the Discussions link on the Course Menu

  3. Click on the Create Forum button

  4. Enter a Name and Description of the forum

  5. Select forum availability

  6. Select the appropriate forum settings

    • Allow Anonymous Posts: students will have the option of posting replies or messages anonymously

    • Allow Author to Delete Own Posts: students will be able to remove previously posted messages

    • Allow Author to Edit Own Published Posts: students will be able to edit their original postings

    • Allow Post Tagging: allow text labels or tags to be used to group similar messages together for search purposes. NOTE: For faster Discussion Board page loading,

    • disable message tagging

    • Allow Users to Reply with Quote: students can include the text of the original message in any replies to that message

    • Allow File Attachments: students may attach files to their messages and replies

    • Allow Members to Create New Threads: students may introduce a new subject to the Forum. Otherwise, students will only be allowed to reply to the original thread

    • Allow Members to Subscribe to Threads: students can choose to receive emails when a new post is made to the discussion board.

    • Allow Members to Rate Posts: students can evaluate posts based on a fixed, 5 point scale

    • Force Moderation of Posts: a designated moderator must approve all posts before they can be viewed by other students

    • No grading in Forum: do not use the discussion grader

    • Grade Discussion Forum: Points Possible: assign the total point possible for the entire forum

    • Grade Threads: enable grading of individual threads within the forum

  7. Click Submit

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