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You can create assignments in content areas, learning modules, and folders. Since assignments require a grade value, they automatically generate a column in the Blackboard grade center. Submissions are collected electronically. Some file formats (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF) will render within Blackboard for inline grading.

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1. Make sure your Edit Mode is ON.

2. Select a Content Area from the course menu (e.g., Course Materials or Assignments). Navigate to a folder within a content area, if desired.

3. Click Assessment -> Assignment from the drop down menu.


4. Complete the Assignment information:

  • Name - The assignment name will go to the grade center column.
    • NOTE: Color should not be used for emphasis as screen readers cannot distinguish colors.
  • Instructions: This information will appear on the screen. Use the functions in the content editor to format text, embed images or videos, create tables, etc.
  • Assignment Files: Attach assignment files. 
    • Select Browse My Computer to upload a file from your computer or attach an existing file from the course's Content Collection. 
    • NOTE: After selecting a file, you must click on Attach File in order for the file to be attached to the assignment
  • Due Dates: Assignments with due dates automatically show in the course calendar and will be marked late in the grade center. Late submissions are also tracked by the Retention Center.

5. The Grading section is divided into three parts. Expand each to access more settings.

Submission Details

    • Select individual or group assignment.
      • Groups must exist before you create group assignments. If a group is created after an assignment accepted submissions, the new group will not be able to submit anything.
      • Students who aren't enrolled at the time that a group assignment has been submitted will not have access to that activity or the submission. These students only see that the submission occurred.
      • If you edit the assignment between creation and the due date, the entire group may lose any work already in progress.
      • If you delete a group from the assignment after students have started an attempt but before submission, they'll lose access to the assignment and lose their work.
    • Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign.
      • Allow students to view the SafeAssign originality reports on their submissions - RECOMMENDED
      • Exclude all student submissions for this assignment from the institutional or global reference databases.
    • Select how many attempts to allow and which score to use in the Grade Center.
      • If you select more than one attempt, you can also decide which attempt to use in the Grade Center (e.g., first, last, average, highest).

Grading Options

    • Set up anonymous and delegated grading
      • Choose to grade assignments anonymously and assign other graders to help grading tasks. Remove anonymity on a specific date or after all submissions are graded.
      • Roles with default grading privileges include instructor, teaching assistant, and grader. Assign submissions based on random sets or groups. Instructors view all grades and feedback before reconciling and assigning a final grade.

Display of Grades

    • Select Grade Center column settings such as whether or not to show the grade to students.
      • Only your Primary selection appears to students in My Grades.
    • Choose to include the assignment score in grading calculations, or whether to show the grade and statistical information to students in My Grades.

6. Set the Availability.

  • Select the appropriate options for availability, tracking, and display dates. 
    • TIP: Always make the assignment link available. To control when the link appears to students, use display dates.


7. Click Submit. A green bar will be displayed at the top indicating creation of the Assignment was successful.

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