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There are many ways instructors can use the clicker technology. PowerPoint is only one example of integrated tools.

  1. During lecture, your teacher poses a question within a PowerPoint slide in front of the classroom.
  2. Use your clicker to respond with your own answer. Keypad displays solid green for 3 seconds when response is received as verification for a clear, visual confirmation that your response has been received and recorded.
  3. Your response is sent to a wireless receiver, collected and then sent to the classroom computer.
  4. Within seconds, you’ll see the entire class results on the PowerPoint slide in front of the room.

Pay attention to the round light on your clicker for feedback.

  • green light, that means your answer was successfully received.
  • A red light means your answer was NOT received.
  • A yellow light (blinking multiple times) means your response is sending.
  • A blinking orange light while polling is open means you need to reset the channel.
  • If the clicker light is very faint or weak and you cannot reset the channel, you may need to change the batteries. Get new batteries from the location where you purchased your clicker.
  • Make sure to always firmly press the button until a green light appears when responding your instructor’s slides, which confirms your signal was received by the computer.
  • You can change your answer choice as many times as you want until the polling ends. The computer will take your last answer before polling closed.

Example results in Microsoft PowerPoint

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