Course Duration defines the time interval during which students may interact with the course.

  • Continuous: The Course is always available. NOTE: Continuous courses always appear on the Current Courses page even after the term has ended. Please do not use this setting to allow access to the course. See → How do I allow a student access to a completed course? (Course availability override)

  • Select Dates: The Course is available according to specific dates. Courses may have a start date, but no end date. After the end date, Courses are not available to students, but are otherwise unchanged.

  • Days from the Date of Enrollment: Use this option to place a time limit on Courses calculated from the date a student enrolls. This is the best option for self-paced Courses.

By default, DoIT sets all Bb course shell durations to expire approximately 2 weeks after the end of a given semester (January 15 for Fall courses and June 15 for Spring Courses).  Exercise caution when altering the default course duration dates; you may unintentionally make the course unavailable to students.

If you are teaching an Original course:

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  1. Log into Blackboard.

  2. Navigate to the course whose course duration you wish to change.

  3. In the Course Menu under Course Management, click Customization.

  4. Click Properties.

  5. Choose a new start date for Set Course Duration.


  6. Click Submit.

Remember to reset the duration at the end of the semester so students will no longer see the course. If you need to give a student access to your course for fulfilling an incomplete, please see How do I allow a student access to a completed course? (Course availability override).

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If you are teaching an Ultra course:

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At this time, the start date for Ultra courses cannot be changed by the instructor. You may encounter an error message:

We have requested a feature change from the Ultra developers to change this functionality. Until then, please open a ticket to request support from a Bb admin.