Course Duration Dates

Course Duration defines the time interval during which students may interact with the course. By default, DoIT sets all Bb course shell durations to approximately 2 weeks before the term begins, and access is set to expire approximately 3 weeks after the term ends. Should you require student access beyond these dates, you may submit an RT with the following information:

  1. Course Name/ID/Term
  2. New start and/or end date (beyond the 3 week start/end duration set by DoIT)
  3. Reason for request

Course Availability Override

Students may need extended time to access a course for many reasons due to illness, or the need to submit work to finalize an Incomplete, prepare for comprehensive exams, or gather evidence for a portfolio or interview. Should one or a small group of students need access after a course has completed and the duration access expired, please see: How do I allow a student access to a completed course (Course availability override)?

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