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Explanation of Icons:

User Unavailable - User no longer has access to the course (most likely because they have officially dropped the course).

Column Not Visible to Users - Column is not visible to students.

Completed - Item has been completed by student.

Needs Grading - Student has submitted an assignment or quiz which needs grading.

Override - You (the instructor) have changed a student's grade on an assignment.

Attempt in Progress - A student is currently using the assessment or assignment OR the student was kicked out of the system prior to choosing “Submit”.

External Grade - This column is marked as a column that could be shared outside the Blackboard system (such as to Peoplesoft; this is not implemented at UMBC).  One column must always be marked as the External Grade, and it can not be deleted.  If you need to delete this column, you need to set another column as the External Grade.

Grade Exempted for this User - The instructor has chosen to exempt this grade for this student which means this student has been allowed to skip this assessment without penalty.

Error - Grade Center Error.

Not Participating - The student is not participating in this assignment or assessment.

A dash (-) indicates that there is no information; the student has not taken the assessment or submitted the assignment.

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