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We require all instructors to submit an RT ticket at the TSC's sign in kiosk. This ticket provides us with contact information about the instructor and/or teaching assistant and important information needed to score the exam as well as an exam ID code that must be included with the exams dropped off in the dropbox.

We will not be able to score Scantrons dropped off at the TSC without both an RT Ticket generated by the sign in kiosk AND an exam ID.

Answer Sheets

Answer sheets must be organized prior to the drop off as follows:

  • An answer key is required for each test, version or sub-test to be scored
    • Code for every key is to be AA00000 which MUST be filled in the campus ID field. Column K is the Special code or the key version field (only necessary if more than 1 key)  Do not use columns L - O
  • Students must bubble in the version of the exam they are taking in Column K.
  • All sheets need to be turned facing the same way.
  • All information must be filled out with a #2 pencil.
  • Name and/or Campus ID number bubbles must start at the left edge of the field box.
  • The Campus ID # field is required on student response sheets
  • There is no need to alphabetize the sheets, the scoring software can sort by alphabetical order for reports.
  • To give credit for more than one answer, you must fill out a separate scantron sheet  for the additional answer
  • To give everyone credit for any answer for a particular question, you will have to fill out a separate scantron for each additional answer not listed on the original key
  • If you teach 2 sections and both sections are listed in one BB course, you do not have to  separate the sections for scoring unless you really want us to give you the report in section format.  Please make sure we know that.

Sample TSC Kiosk Form

Sample TSC Kiosk Form

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