Direct Submit is not supported in Ultra courses at this time.


Clicking on the DirectSubmit link takes you to a screen where you can submit papers on behalf of students. Papers checked through DirectSubmit cannot be moved into folders once uploaded. Students will also not see the report and there will no connection to the file and the assignment in the Grade Center. Uploading papers to SafeAssign is not recommended because it is best if the students submit their own papers. By submitting, they are agreeing to the plagiarism policy.

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  1. Go to the Control Panel inside your course.

  2. Click SafeAssign under Course Tools.

  3. Click Direct Submit on the SafeAssign page.

  4. You can upload files to either a Shared or Private folder.

    • Shared: Viewable by other instructors with access to Direct Submit.

    • Private: Viewable only by the instructor. 

  5. Choose Shared or Private.

  6. SafeAssign is a shared resource across all of your courses. If you plan on using DirectSubmit often, we recommend creating folders to organize your file uploads (e.g., SP2015 -> ENGL100). Enter a folder name in the New Folder field and click Add. Repeat as often as you need to create your folders.

  7. Click Submit Paper.

  8. Under Paper Submission, select all desired areas.

  9. Click Submit.

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