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Custom sessions provide instructors with a means of generating controlled and focused conversation among their students, in a setting similar to a physical classroom. There are a number of reasons you may want to create scheduled sessions when you have a course room. Two examples are:

  • Supervised sessions: When the course room is unlocked anyone can join the session at any time. Instructors don't have to be present for students to join the session. If you don't want students to join a session unsupervised, lock the course room and create scheduled sessions.
  • Multiple sessions at once: If you want to run multiple sessions at the same time for students to use as virtual study room, for example, you can create multiple sessions for the different groups to join.

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  1. Navigate to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool (it can be accessed through Other Bb Tools).


  2. Click on Create Session.

  3. Name your session and choose from a variety of settings under Event Details and Session Settings, including:

    • Session start and end times.

    • Allowing early arrivals into the room before the session starts.

    • Allowing recording downloads.

    • Anonymizing chat messages.

    • Allowing users to join the session using a telephone.

    • Turning on and off students’ ability to:

      • Display their profile picture.

      • Draw or write on the session whiteboard.

      • Post a chat message.

      • Share their audio or video with session participants.

Modifying Settings

You may change some of your session’s settings during the session by clicking on the controls menu CollaborateControls.png in the bottom right hand corner of the session window and then clicking on the gear (settings) CollaborateSettings.png icon.

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