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  • Blackboard courses are auto-created and auto-enrolled from the Student Administration (SA) system containing all official registration and enrollment data. 
  • In Blackboard, if you do not see your course and you are an instructor, please confirm that your department's scheduling coordinator has correctly entered your name in the schedule of classes
  • If you are not the instructor of record, make sure all steps have been followed in the new full- or part-time employee account creation process.
    • Blackboard course shells are not created for those courses who have STAFF listed as the instructor (see example below).

    • System Administrators must also manually create courses categorized as independent study or research (see example below). Please complete the Blackboard course shell request form located on
  • Verify the Course module and organize according to your preference.
  1. In the upper right corner of the My Courses module, click on the gear icon
  2. Look for "1. Edit Courses List" section. Check/Uncheck the the boxes for any courses you wish or no longer wish to view
  3. Click Submit


When you register for a class you are automatically enrolled into the Blackboard system for that course within approximately 2 hours. There could be a couple of reasons why you may not be able to see your Blackboard course.

  • Your instructor has NOT made the course available to students yet. Some instructors make courses available before classes start while others wait until the first day. Contact your instructor to see if the course will use Blackboard and if the course has been made available to students. Here is a FAQ for your instructor on how to make a course available.
    • TIP: If your instructor choses not to use Blackboard, your course should still show up in your course list as "not currently available."

  • You have a portal-only, limited access account. You need to upgrade. Here's the instructions on how to upgrade to a full access account. Here's a visual clue for a portal account - there's no Mail, Calendar, or Blackboard link next to your name:

    Fig 1. Example Portal Only Account

    Fig 2. Example Full Access Account

  • You are a new student and have not created and activated your myUMBC account so Blackboard has not added you to any courses. You can activate your account at
  • You have been dropped from the class or there is some other registration problem. In this case, contact your instructor to see if you are enrolled in the course.
  • If it doesn't show up in the Blackboard "Check My Activity (CMA)" module (see image below), it doesn't mean you are not enrolled or you don't have access. Make sure you go to the full Blackboard site,, to view your list of courses.


Other reasons you may not see your Blackboard course

  • You may be accessing the course during the weekly maintenance schedule. Click here to see the schedule.
  • Check the DoIT News for any unscheduled or unexpected downtime. Click here for all Blackboard related announcements from DoIT
  • Make sure your pop-up blockers are off.
  • Try accessing the page directly instead of going through myUMBC. Type the following into the address bar:

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