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This page provides directions on how to insert a previously created test or survey into a content area of an Original Blackboard course. 


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  1. Navigate to a content area of the course.

  2. Point to the Assessment drop-down list and select Test or Survey.

  3. Select an existing Test or Survey from the list provided, or create a new survey.

  4. Click Submit.

  5. At the next screen, configure the test or survey options for delivery.

    • Set the options for feedback & due date.

    • Set the timer, number of attempts, and presentation format.

      • If you select Force Completion, students must complete the test or survey when they launch it. Students may only access the test or survey ONE TIME. Please review this FAQ: What are the benefits and challenges of using Force Complete on a Blackboard test?

        Changes to Force Complete in Original Courses

        The Force Completion option now requires a time limit and automatic submission. Blackboard made this change to enforce the submission of incomplete or abandoned attempts. This change is important so that instructors can access and grade these attempts. Instructors may also create a multiple attempt assessment with the Force Completion option. This change ensures that students can now start new attempts in this scenario.

    • Manage date availability.

    • Create exceptions to provide an accommodation to a student who is disabled or for technology and language differences.

TIP: Review Blackboard's documentation on Test & Survey Options.

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