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All software install requests will be aligned with Office of the Registrar's deadline for courses. Software request deadlines are:

  • Fall semester = May 1
  • Spring/Winter semester = October 31
  • Summer semester = April 1 

Software requests for non-course related events must be received at least 6 weeks prior to the first day of the event.   To reserve a computer lab please see this FAQ.

  1. Verify that the software you need is listed in the lab image inventory. 
    1. Click here to see the list of software installed on the PC labs
    2. Click here to see the list of software installed on the Mac labs
    3. Click here to see the list of software installed on the Linux labs

  2. Go to the computer lab where your class will be held and check if the software you need is installed on the machines.

  3. If the software is NOT currently installed,  please enter an RT ticket to request your software (see deadlines above for each semester).

  4. For ALL software requests, please submit a copy of the software and the following documents to DoIT for review:
    • Licensing documents such as End User License Agreements (EULA).
    • Technical support documents with technical requirements (including specific version of software requested), and installation and configuration instructions.
    • Testing script for assessing correct installation and configuration of software.
    • Provide documentation showing the number of licenses purchased and any additional installation codes or instructions provided by the vendor.
  5. Before purchasing software:
      1. Read the license agreement and verify the software permits network installation.
      2. Have license reviewed by University Counsel.
      3. Read the user documentation.
      4. Submit as above.

  6. Be prepared to test your software upon notification by DoIT.   It is the responsibility of the individual faculty member to check that the software is functioning as requested in the reserved computer lab prior to the start of their class.

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