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There are a variety of reasons why a Permission number may not work. Here are some possible explanations.  Ultimately, you should check with the person who issued you the permission to help troubleshoot the problem.

  1. You added the Permission number to the course that was already in your Shopping Cart.

    Once you have obtained a permission number, you must start from scratch when adding the class to your schedule. Delete the course from your Shopping Cart and re-add the course and then enter the Permission number.

  2. The Permission number was given to you for another section of the course.

    Contact the person who issued you the Permission number. Confirm the section number and class number for the correct course. Re-add the class then enter the Permission number.

  3. The type of Permission for a particular course may not have been selected when the Permission number was generated for you.

    When a Permission number is generated, it is associated with the type of Permission the student needs for a course. Occasionally, a permission type may not be selected or selected and not needed.

    Below are the types of course Permissions. You may need more than one type of permission selected for the same course.

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