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  1. Copy Local Mail to UMBC Webmail Servers
    Some users may have mail stored locally on their desktop hard drive. If you have mail stored locally this you should copy this mail up to the mail severs. This will allow our migration scripts to copy all of your mail to Gmail. If you are not sure, don't worry about it, it can be moved to Gmail later.
  2. Begin the Migration
    Click the link above. This launches UMBC's migration script to begin copying your UMBC Webmail email to the new UMBC Gmail environment.
  3. Change Your UMBC Password

    You will need to change your password if you access your mail from your phone or desktop mail client!

    Enable Mobile Device, IMAP and POP support by changing your UMBC password. If you won't be using a mobile device or a mail client(e.g.Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail) then you don't need to change your UMBC password right now.

  4. Configure Your Gmail Web Client
    There are a few things you need to change on your Gmail Web client at
  5. It is important that you copy your contacts to Google contacts. Once copied Google makes these contacts available from the cloud to (Mobile devices, Gmail Web Interfaces and the Outlook Mail Client).
  6. Some users may not want to jump right in to using the Gmail Web Interface. Click the link above to see documentation on setting up your client.
  7. Login to Google at UMBC
    • UMBC Google Mail   
    • UMBC Google Calendar
    • UMBC Google Docs 
    • Mail Client If you opted to setup a desktop mail client you should launch that (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail)

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