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Page: Preferred Name/Changing Preferred Name Page: Degree Planner Page: Registration Page: Transfer Credit Page: Undergraduate Graduation Page: Are there clubs or organizations for pre-professional students on campus? Page: Can I run a report to find out more information about permissions granted to a student or given by an authorized person? Page: Can someone else pick up my transcript for me? Page: Does the advising office work with Pre-Med/Pre-Dental students? Page: Do I have to have a major in addition to my pre-professional pathway? Page: Granting Permissions Page: How do I change my major, minor, certificate, or track? Page: How do I enroll in more than the maximum amount of credits? Page: How do I find out who my advisor is? Page: How do I grant permissions for students to enroll in my class? Page: How do I know what day/time I can register? Page: How do I locate a student's campus ID? Page: How do I order a copy of my Official Transcript? Page: I am a current student, how can I view and print a copy of my unofficial transcript? Page: I am alumni of UMBC. How can I get a copy of my transcript? Page: I am a newly accepted student. When will I meet with an advisor and choose my classes? Page: I am a Pre-Physical Therapy student and need to complete volunteer hours. Where can I do this and does UMBC help? Page: If I am undecided about my major, what advisor should I contact for advising? Page: If I have general advising questions, who can I see? Page: I need an exception for dropping a course after the deadline. Where do I go? Page: I need more credits to get my financial aid but the deadline to add classes has passed, what can I do? Page: What are the Transcript Processing Fees? Page: When will the Schedule of Classes be available? Page: Where can I find the UMBC Reinstatement Form? Page: Where do I speak to someone about Pre-law advising? Page: Who should I call if I have a financial hold on my account? Page: Why am I seeing a FERPA acknowledgement? Page: Why can't I access the Registrar's Exception/Appeals Request forms? Page: Why can't my major be Pre- _____________? Page: Whom do I contact about Academic Advising and Registration? Page: What should I know about meeting with my academic advisor? Page: How do I make a course plan? Page: Do I have more than one advisor?