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  1. Schedule your meeting just as you would normally do. You will request a room reservation when you check your guests’ availability.
  2. Click on Rooms.

    Make sure the drop-down menu is set to Available Rooms Only to avoid double-booking.

  3. Select the resource from the list.
  4. Click the Save button.
    NOTE: If you don't have manage events rights over this resource You MUST send an e-mail message. If you don’t, the person who is in charge of approving scheduling of the resource will not be aware of your request unless he/she checks the resource’s calendar. The person responsible for approvals will send you an e-mail stating whether or not the reservation has been approved.
Moderate a Resource Calendar

As a person who will manage the calendar, you should periodically review your resource calendar for new events. When you or another user invite a resource to an event, the event will appear in the calendar view with a “?" (question mark) next to it.

Responding to an event invitation on the resource calendar is the same as doing so for your personal calendar. You can click the event invitation once on the resource calendar and click Yes, Maybe, or No on behalf of the resource. (There is also a Remove option but we caution its use, as removing an invitation will appear as a "No" to the event proposer. However, you cannot go back and change your response prior to the meeting.)

A common task will be resolving event conflicts. By default, resource calendars have been set to automatically accept multiple event invitations for the same date and time. This allows the resource owner to choose who may utilize the resource. In most cases, the resource owner should proceed to respond Yes to a single event and No to any other events requested for that same date and time.

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