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  1. Launch your preferred Internet browser.

  2. Login into myUMBC.

  3. Click Groups, and select the group to display your news.

  4. Click the News tab.

  5. Click the Post Story button.

    In the Post Story Basic Info form please be aware that some fields have limited characters. Character limits are posted to the right of the field. Besides limited characters we have also made some of the fields mandatory in order to post. The sponsor will be auto-completed based on who requested the myUMBC group.
  6. If you have a website with more information, enter the full web address include the http:// in the Website field.

  7. If you have any documents to attach, such as a PDF form or a flyer, select the type of file you want to upload, then click Upload in the Attachments section.

  8. To set an image to be part of the news rotation, click the Set Thumbnail button.
    You have to option to upload your own image but please note, there are some restrictions including file size and dimensions.

  9. Click the Browse button to locate your image.
    You may want to crop the image to have the best display.

    1. You can also select from a good selection of stock image UMBC owns.

    2. Click on the category label and select an image that best relates to your news.

    3. You will also be prompted to crop this image to get the best display.

    4. Click Crop Thumbnail when you are happy with the image display.

  10. When you check the Community option to Post to Community News, your article will now be displayed outside of your group and be part of the myUMBC community news.

  11. Select the type of audience who will see your article.

  12. Select a topic or multiple topics for your news.

  13. Check or uncheck if you want to allow your group members to comment on your article (or if you've opened it up outside your myUMBC group UMBC at large can comment).

  14. Assign tags (sort of like a mini category) to your article.

  15. Once you are happy with your news article you can click Post story or you can click Save Draft if you want to work on it later.

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