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UMBC allows authorized University full-time staff and faculty members to request accounts for people who are affiliated with UMBC but who are not currently students, faculty, or staff who therefore are not known to the University’s finance, human resources, or student administration systems. 
Some departments need to be able to create temporary identities for individuals who are not, and may never be, students, faculty, staff, or alumni— people such as research collaborators, library patrons, contractors, conference attendees, summer camp attendees, etc. This allows those affiliate members to access appropriate campus services, such as the myUMBC, email, or Blackboard.

Students from Baltimore-area institutions taking classes here at UMBC through their home school should complete the Baltimore Student Exchange Program (BSEP) Enrollment Form in order to gain access to campus services.

The faculty or staff member requesting access for an affiliate will act as the affiliation sponsor. A sponsor is responsible for notifying DoIT when the account should be removed or deactivated or access revised.  Sponsors are also responsible for the online identities they authorize and for ensuring that sponsored affiliates are aware of and follow the UMBC Policy for Responsible Computing.  

The reason for a sponsorship is defined by the relationship the sponsored individual has with UMBC:


Visiting Research / ScholarsThese are people who have an academic relationship with UMBC but who are not UMBC students or faculty members. Visiting scholars, and other academic visitors are in this category. They require a verified identity to establish a regular myUMBC account.
Business PartnersContractors work closely with university departments, but they are not UMBC employees. These individuals often perform the same duties as UMBC staff, may be granted access to critical business systems, and are held to the same standards of accountability as UMBC staff.  For these reasons, a contractor needs a regular myUMBC account name and a verified identity.
Special ProgramsWhen departments host or run special events that include unaffiliated users who need access to UMBC resources. Examples include ORL summer programs, Continuing and Professional Studies. These groups can be granted delegated authority to add users via the online POI interface.

To Request the Sponsored Account:


Staff or faculty members wishing to authorize (i.e. sponsor) an affiliate to gain access to UMBC computing resources should visit


You will need to have the following information available about the person you are sponsoring for access to UMBC computing resources:
  • Alternate email address (used to communicate with the person)
  • Date of birth (used only as a simple validation item)
  • First and last name
  • Type of affiliation
  • Length of affiliation

    Affiliations are given for a maximum of one year after which the sponsor will be required to renew the affiliation should the account holder need the affiliation for additional time.
After basic identifying information (first and last name, alternate email address, and date of birth) is entered into the University’s identity management system, the person being sponsored will be contacted by email and instructed to go to  From here the person selects their myUMBC account name, sets their password, and acknowledges the rules associated with UMBC Policy for Responsible Computing.

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