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Common printing problems

Try these solutions to common printing problems. If you still can't print, please contact a Reference Librarian, or report the problem to Library IT Services.

  • Printing PDFs from Web Browsers

    When saving or printing PDF documents from within a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) you MUST use the buttons in the PDF viewer (directly above the document window).


  • Library Printer is not selected.

    • Select File > Print from the menu (do not click on the printer icon)

    • Select 'LibraryPrinter' - for color printing select 'LibraryColor'

    • Click 'OK'


  • Default printer is not set or no printer is selected (for printing PDF's).

    • Select Start Menu > Settings > Printers

    • Select LibraryPrinter

    • Select File > Set as default printer' from the menu OR
      Right-click on 'LibraryPrinter' and select 'Set as default printer'

    • If these steps do not work, try rebooting the computer to re-establish its connection to the printers.

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