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The tool is most likely set to unavailable, which is the default setting.

Modify a Blackboard Tool Availability

  1. Click Customization from the Control Panel
  2. Click Tool Availability from the drop down under Customization
  3. Select the checkbox under the appropriate column based on your modification
    1. Available – The tool is available throughout the Course and open to all users that have a role permitting the use of the tool.
    2. Visible to Guests – The tool is visible (read‐only), but not usable to Guests when Guests are permitted in the course.
    3. Visible to Observers – The tool is visible (read‐only), but not usable to Observers when Observers are permitted in the course.
    4. Available in Content Areas – The Instructor can place a link to a tool in one or more Content Areas of the Course.


  4. Click Submit

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