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New settings have been added to the Test/Survey Options page, available only after the test or survey is added to a content area. The new settings allow instructors to select one or more groups of students and make a number of exceptions to the already established availability settings. Instructors can use exceptions to provide an accommodation to a disabled student, or provide accommodations for technology and language differences.

You can change these settings at any time, even after the test has been attempted by some students. If conflicts in rules occur, the most permissive settings for that user or group of users is granted. For example, students would receive the greatest number of attempts, longest availability time, and so on.

To create an exception for a student or group of students:
  1. Go to the content area where the test is deployed.
  2. Click on the action arrow to select Edit Test Options.
  3. Scroll about halfway down the page to the Test Availability Exception area.
  4. Click on the button to Add User or Group.

  5. A new window will open with the Blackboard course roster.
  6. Find and select the student(s) who will receive the exception. Click Submit.
  7. The window will close and return you to the Test Options screen.
  8. You can create exceptions for:

    • Number of attempts.
    • Time of test.
    • Auto submit on or off.
    • Availability of test using start and end dates.
    • Force completion on or off.

      In this example, Harry receives 2 attempts and double time (e.g., 90 minutes on a 45 minute test), but he's restricted to a 3-hour window.

  9. After you assign the exceptions, scroll to the top or bottom of the Test Options screen and click Submit.

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