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Getting Set-Up in Contribute

Set up new connection by clicking on the ‘Web Connection’ icon shown above under ‘Create New.’

Use the following pages to help follow the steps in ‘Connection Assistant.’

Contribute Website Connection Assistant

Create a manual connection by clicking ‘Continue.’


Make sure ‘Website’ is selected in the first dropdown.

Enter the web address in the field as shown above. (English is used as an example.)

Click ‘Continue.’


Select ‘Secure FTP’ from the first dropdown.

Enter the name of the SFTP server, which is

Enter your own UMBC Campus ID and password.

Click ‘Continue.’


Highlight all text from users to the end of the path as shown.

Enter: www/public/ your directory name. (English is used as an example.)

Click ‘Continue.’


On the ‘Subversion Connection Info’ page, click ‘Continue.’


Enter your own name and email address in the fields as shown above.

Click ‘Continue.’


Verify that the information shown is correct.

Click ‘Finish.’

Contribute will now automatically open your site-editing window.

If you have no edits to make at this time, you may quit Contribute now.


The next time you open Contribute, you should see the site name in the left column of the intro page.

Simply click on the appropriate name to establish your connection.


You should also use the “Quick Tour’ and ‘Tutorial’ to get familiar with the features and functionality of Contribute.

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