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Rush orders are always placed within one or two working days of their arrival in Acquisitions. Processing of other orders depends on the time of the year:

Mid Sept. through the ordering deadline (the end of February): So long as your department has funds, priority orders will normally be placed within two weeks of arriving in Acquisitions. Collection Building orders will also usually be placed within two weeks of arriving in Acquisitions, but may occasionally be held because of staffing shortages or other special circumstances. Items usually arrive within two months, but Collection Building orders may take substantially longer.

Ordering deadline through June: All library funds are encumbered and orders are normally held until the new fiscal year. Priority orders go to the front of your department's ordering queue and Collection Building orders go to the back.

July-Mid Sept.: Held orders are placed. Your priority orders are given preference while your Collection Building orders go to the end of the queue.

Please do not assume that any items ordered in the spring will be available in time for fall classes. Because we are holding orders after February, they may not be placed until late summer and not arrive before fall classes begin.

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