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You will need to have logged into Box via the web before using this app.

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  1. Install the Android Box app and open the application.
  2. Choose I have an account.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, choose More login options.
  4. Enter your full UMBC email address.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Enter your email address, username, or campus ID and password and choose Log In.
  7. The Box app will display your files.

Recommended Security Settings

  • Turn off the Keep me logged in setting
  • Turn on Passcode/Pin Lock
  • Set your phone to require the passcode after 5 minutes.

Basic Navigation

Remember, you are responsible for any files you share or download to a device locally from your Box account!

(Icon functions listed from from left to right)

  • Create a Folder - Allows you to create a new folder in your Box account.
  • Upload - Allows you to upload photos, videos, and other files from your phone.
  • Create a File - Allows you to create a new file directly on your phone. [This feature requires a third party app that supports Box.]
  • Settings- Allows you to access your account options and log out.
  • Updates - Shows you recent activity in your Box account.
  • Search - Allows you to search files and folders on your Box account.
From the Folder View you can:
  • Share a file
  • Create a new subfolder
  • Create a new file
  • Upload a new file
  • Access Settings
From the File View you can:
  • Download the file for offline use
  • Upload a new version of the file
  • Rename the file
  • Delete the file
  • Share the file
  • Edit or View the file using a supported app with the "Open With" feature
  • Comment the file

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