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Box features a Trash folder, that allows you to recover files and folders that have been deleted.

By default, all deleted items will be moved the Trash location of your account and will be purged after 30 days. After these 30 days, there is no way to restore the file or folder.

Deleted items which have been moved to the Trash will still count against your total storage allocation. When items are deleted from a collaboration folder, both the owner and the user who deleted the item will be able to recover the items from the Trash. The item’s size will only be counted against the owner’s storage quota.

Accessing The Trash

To access the Trash, chose ‘Trash’ from the left sidebar.

Recovering Items

On the Trash page, you have the option to recover or empty the entire Trash folder, or specific items as needed. To recover the entire folder, simply select click the ellipse symbol and click "Restore." Restored files and folders will be restored to the location they were deleted from.

The following will be restored along with the file:
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Comments
  • Tasks
  • Share state (whether the shared link is enabled or disabled)
  • Collaborators
The following will NOT be restored when recovering:
  • Expiration setting on shared links
  • Expiration settings for deletion

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