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If you are teaching a course this semester or the next that’s listed with the University Registrar and appears in the Schedule of Classes under your name, it’s likely that a Blackboard site will be automatically created for the course.

Which course types are createdWhich course types are not created?

Lecture / Lab

Field Studies


Independent study (IND)

Research (RES)

Thesis research (THE)

When a course is added to the Schedule of Classes after the initial processing date, it should be created in Blackboard by the next day. Courses must have an instructor of record attached for the shell to be automatically generated.

What if I don't see my course in Blackboard?

If you've logged into Blackboard and do not see your course shell, please consider the following scenarios before opening a ticket:

Before you open a ticket, PLEASE confirm that your Departmental Scheduling Coordinator has correctly entered your name in the schedule of classes. Once you are listed in the SOC, your Bb course shell will be created automatically. If you still don't see it, proceed to the next step.

STEP ONE: Verify your schedule with department scheduling coordinator

STEP TWO: Verify course shells in Blackboard


Your name is not associated as an instructor with the course you are teaching in the SOC.

Please see the Departmental Scheduling Coordinator FIRST to resolve the issue.

Your name must be associated with a course in the SOC for Blackboard to create the shell.

You and your Department Scheduling Coordinator...

  1. believe you are correctly assigned as the instructor of record in the SOC

  2. you still do not see your course shell in Blackboard

You need a Bb shell for a research or independent study course


You’d like to request a Blackboard site for another purpose

Once you are listed in the SOC, your Bb course shell will be created automatically. 

If you still don't see it, proceed to the next step.

Please submit a Request Tracker (RT) ticket via

Please submit a new course / org request.


In all cases, be sure to provide as much information as possible including the CourseID, class number, section, and instructor username.




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