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Each user can have only one role per course. These roles are course-specific, so a single user could be assigned the Instructor role in one course, but be assigned the Student role in another course.

RoleDescriptionAccess Unavailable CourseAccess GradebookEdit ContentRemove Users

Instructors have full access to all course tools in both Original and Ultra courses. In an Original course, this means the Control Panel is visible.

Course Builder

The Course Builder role has access to most areas of the course or organization Control Panel in the Original Course View. This role is appropriate for an assistant who should not have access to student grades.


The Facilitator functions as an Instructor, but cannot create, edit, or manage course content. By comparison, the Course Builder can create, edit, and manage content, but interact with any grading task or view the gradebook.

This role will be available after April 5, 2019.

Teaching AssistantUsers with the Teaching Assistant role have access to most of the workflows in the Control Panel in the Original Course View. If the course is unavailable to students, teaching assistants may still access the course.YesYesYesNo
GraderGraders can assist an instructor in the creation, management, delivery, and grading of assessments and surveys. A grader may also assist an instructor with adding manual entries.YesYesNoNo
StudentStudent is the default course user role. NoNoNoNo
Accessibility SupportThe Accessibility Support course role has the same privileges as a Student, which allow staff from Student Disabilities Services to review course content for accessibility.NoNoNoNo
InterpreterAn Interpreter also has the same privileges as a Student. This special role is designed to support students with hearing impairments as identified by Student Disabilities Services.    

The Guest role allows prospective students to explore a course without enrolling or participating. Instructors must make content areas within a course accessible to Guests or enroll a user and assign the Guest role.

Note: Only Original courses can be accessed using the Guest role at this time.

CoordinatorThe Coordinator role gives course or program coordinators access a course with instructor privileges without specifically being identified as an instructor, which ensures they do not receive certain notifications and emails from the system.YesYesYesYes*

* Exception: Cannot remove other instructors.


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