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The VMWare Horizon client is no longer necessary for connecting to UMBC's VDE. Please see our main article on the Virtual Desktop Environment for up to date information about the platform. 

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  1. Unknown User (ndesai4)

    When I try to connect to the server: I get a error message "Couldn't resolve host name".  Please help!

    1. Unknown User (jordan19)

      I got that too! Did you ever figure it out?

  2. Unknown User (hchang2)

    For this to work you would have to be on the school's network at the time you "Add Server".  But there is another way to gain access without actually being at the university.

    1. You need to first login to your UMBC account at
    2. Then after logging in, go to
    3. From there, if you look at the bottom of the page there should be a tab for "Client Application Sessions" and right below that should be "Network Connect".  Look to the right and click Start.
    4. After clicking on Start, it should redirect to a screen saying "Launching Network Connect".  At this point you should receive a popup asking "Do you want to run this application?"
      Make sure the publisher is Juniper Networks, Inc. and the location is before you hit "Run"
    5. Once you hit run a popup window will appear called "Network Connect".  Leave this up so you can gain access in VMware Horizon View Client.
    6. Now you should be able to follow the instructions above to add a server and log into your account.
    7. Once you are done using VMware Horizon View Client you can Sign Out or close the popup window called "Network Connect".

    Hope that helps for those that need it. (big grin)