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To make any changes to your declared major, minor, certificate, or track, you must fill out a Declaration of Major form and submit it to the Registrar's Office (Sherman Hall B-wing, 2nd floor). You use the same form to add or remove a major, minor, certificate, or track.

Students are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor prior to making changes to their program of study. Some majors require the approval of the academic department. See the form for the list of majors requiring approval.

To see how your current coursework applies to the requirements of a new program you can run a What-If Degree Audit.

Requests to add or change your program are typically processed within 5 business days.

If you are changing your major:

  • You will be assigned a new advisor. Consult the Departmental Advising guide for instructions on how to find out who your new advisor will be.

If you are adding a major:

  • Understand the difference between dual majors and dual degrees. The first major you list on the form will be your primary major, unless you indicate otherwise.

  • You will be assigned an additional advisor for the new major. Consult the Departmental Advising guide for instructions to find out who your new advisor will be.

  • You should meet with both advisors, each spring and fall semester, to review your degree progress. Only one will give clearance to register for classes, however.

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