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Please review Blackboard's supported browser information and browser support process.


Check your browser's readiness by using this interactive tool from Blackboard.

Other recommendations:

  • Disable any "pop-up blocker" software that you have installed on your computer. How to disable pop-up blockers on your Internet browser?
  • Keep your virus software updated in order to scan for the latest viruses. How to update virus definition files?
  • If you access from work or have a DSL connection and are running firewall software, you may experience difficulties. You will need to discuss this with your network security employees. They may or may not be able to allow access to the course, depending on their policies. DSL users will need to disable their firewall while using the chat tool (refer to the documentation in your firewall software for temporarily disabling the firewall).
  • If you use a public computer lab or library, you need to exit the browser completely when you are finished. (That is, all windows must be closed and the programs closed or exited.) This clears your username/password. If you do not exit the browser completely, the next user will have access to your course account.
  • Clear Your Browser's Cache. You may want to clear out the files stored in your cache to free up some space on your computer. This is called clearing the cache

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