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  • Dash - No information is available.
  • Green check mark - You completed the work, but no grade is assigned for items such as surveys.
  • Yellow exclamation mark - You submitted your work. This item is ready for grading.
  • Grade in italics - Select the grade to view details.
  • Blue pie chart - Your work is in progress, but you haven't submitted it yet.
  • Grey circle with diagonal dark gray stripes - Your grade for this item is exempted. You don't have to submit work.
  • Red exclamation mark - An error has occurred. Contact your instructor.
  • Silhouette of person with question mark over the face - Your work was graded anonymously. Appears with submissions where you instructor assigned grades with student names hidden during the grading process.
  • Blue speech bubble - Select to view feedback from your instructor.

If you see a yellow exclamation mark next to an exam or quiz-style assessment, this means your assessment needs grading. This could be for two reasons. The first is if your assessment was timed and you went over the allotted time limit. In this case your instructor will receive all your answers and information on how long it took you to complete the assessment. They will have discretion on whether to accept all or part of your assessment answers. The exclamation point can also indicate that there was an essay or short answer portion of your assessment that your instructor has not yet graded. Once the instructor reviews and grades those question, you will see a score in the grade book.

If you see a red exclamation mark next to an exam or quiz-style assessment, there has been some sort of a grading error with your assessment. This could mean one of many things. First, you may not have completed the assessment. If you do not click the Submit button after completing the assessment or leave the assessment before finishing, your answers will not be counted. Also, if you encounter technical problems during the assessment you will also have a red exclamation mark recorded in the book. If your computer crashes, or your Internet connection is disconnected, any questions you have completed will not be counted unless the Save option was offered in the assessment. Talk to your instructor. Your instructor can reset your attempt or discuss the problem with you.

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