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When an employee changes their address, they must notify the appropriate State Agencies of the change.

 All employees (including student workers) must follow the procedures below for an employee address change in order for Central Payroll Bureau to be notified of their address change.

Additional information can be found on the HR website.

If you are a recently terminated employee, you must change your address directly with Central Payroll Bureau at 410-260-7401 in order for your latest W2 to be mailed to your correct address.  You do not need to update your address with UMBC.

Other Address Changes

 Address Changes in myUMBC

  • Submit a ticket to the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) requesting that your address be manually updated in myUMBC. Be sure that you've already completed the steps above to have your address changed officially.

Student Address Changes

  • If you are a student, you must change your address with the Registrar’s Office (Personal Information Update)

Alumni Address Changes

  • If you are an alum, you must contact the Alumni House at 410-455-3703 to have your address changed. 
  • You can also update your address online at their website.

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