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  1. Navigate to the report and click on the report name in the breadcrumbs Click on the “New Subscription” box in the upper left of the “View” tab (You can also access the same screen from the “Subscriptions” tab.)
  2. Select Subscriptions from the screen
  3. Then select New Subscription
  4. The following screen appears:
  5. Use default “Delivered by” methodology of e-mail.
  6. Enter e-mail address(es) of recipients of the report in the “To:” field.
  7. NOTE: In order to enter multiple e-mail addresses, separate each address with a semi-colon.  Incorrect entry of multiple e-mails will result in an error message.
  8. The “Subject” line default will produce a header with the report name and time stamp.  As an example:  Department Report Summary was executed at 10/7/2010 1:15:08 PM.
  9. To overwrite the Subject, type your chosen subject language in the “Subject” line.
  10. Check the “Include Report” checkbox to include the report as attachment in the format selected in the “Render Format” drop down list.
  11. Check “Include Link” checkbox to include a direct hyperlink to the report in your e-mail.
  12. Priority defaults to Normal.  You may use the dropdown to select “high” or “low”.
  13. Select Schedule to choose timing of the report to be delivered.
  14. Choose Report Parameter Values by 1st clicking OFF the “Use Default” checkbox. NOTE: As there is no default department, you must choose parameters.  If not, the report will not produce any results.
  15. Use the drop down lists for each field (in this example: Fund and Department) to choose the desired parameters.
  16. You may choose to use the default fiscal period or uncheck the “Use Default” box to allow use of the drop down menu to change the fiscal period.
  17. HINT: Choose the default period on a monthly report and  run on the 10th of the month in order to produce a report that will coincide with month end close the majority (~90%) of the time.  The system is programmed to run the prior month through the 10th day of the following month.
  18. Click “OK” to save.  This returns you to the report view page.
  19. To end auto e-mailing of the reports, go the subscriptions tab and select the subscription you wish to delete.


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