On the Courses page, you can access all of your courses whether they are Original or Ultra course view. (Not sure what course view means? Check out the Ultra Experience Glossary.)

Courses are automatically associated to groups established by the Blackboard term. These terms include:

  • Semester-based terms such as spring, summer, fall, and winter
    These courses will have labels on the Current Courses page when they are available and they will also appear on their own term page.
  • Organization-based such as training or course development
    These courses are usually set to continuous, which means they will always appear on the Current Courses page. They will also appear on their own term page. 

The course's term defines where it appears on the Courses page, which is similar to how the original Blackboard dashboard organized courses by term. Students and instructors can view a list of all of their courses, whether the course is available or not. Availability controls whether students can access the content. When an instructor marks a course as completed, the course is still accessible by students, but in a read-only state.

Finding Your Course

  1. Browse by term. Move between past, current, and upcoming courses using system defined terms. At the bottom of the list, you'll find a page selector to navigate through longer lists.
  2. Change the filter. Click on down arrow next to the Current Courses title to switch to another term. If you navigate to another page, all courses show again. 
  3. Search your list. The search function finds courses on the current page that match your search term.


About the Courses Page

What else can you do on the Courses page?

View your favorites quickly. If you access a course frequently, you can select the star icon to add it to your favorites so it appears at the top of your course list. Select the star icon again to remove a course from your favorites.

Manage your course availability. Point to a course card menu to access management settings. Select the lock icon to change if your course is open and ready for students or remains private while you work on it.


About the Course Cards

Original courses are indicated by a gray bar with the label "Original Course View" while Ultra courses have a color bar. You cannot choose the color for the course card. Each course card lists the course title and instructor.

  • If your course has multiple instructors, select View all for a list. 
  • To review the courseID, click More info. Please note: Course descriptions are not loaded at this time by the course creation process.

Hiding a Course

  1. Point to a course card menu and select Hide Course
  2. Activity for hidden courses no longer appears in the global pages about all your courses, such as Grades

Only instructors have the option to hide courses.

To reveal a hidden course, use the filter and select Hidden from me. Point to a course card menu and select Show course.

Browing the Course Catalog

You can use the course catalog to browse the courses offered at UMBC. You can find the Course Catalog link on the Courses page. In the catalog, you can search for courses based on these fields:

  • Course ID
  • Course Name
  • Course Description
  • Course Instructor
  • Course Term

After you select the field type, type a search term or phrase. By default, the search looks for any course that contains your search term. You can change this operation to search courses that equal or start with your search term instead. You can also select Not blank to see the full list of available courses.

Select Go to start your search. If your list of results is too long, you can refine the results using the Creation Date filter. Choose a date and whether the course you're looking for was created before or after that date.

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