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After a person becomes unaffiliated with the university, their account is deactivated based on the affiliation they had. A deactivated account has all access removed and cannot be used to log in, it also cannot receive email. Nothing else about the account is changed. After the account has been deactivated for some time, the data stored in the account (files, email, web pages, etc.) becomes eligible for deletion. Although the data is deleted, the username is never deleted and will never be reused by a different owner.
Affiliation to UniversityTime Until DeactivationTime Until Deletion
Faculty1 YearNever


2 Weeks1 Year after Deactivation
Emeritus Faculty/StaffAfter 1 Year of InactivityNever
RetireesAfter 1 Year of InactivityNever
AlumniAfter 1 Year of InactivityNever
Former Students (non-Alumni)4 Months1 Year after Deactivation
Others (special programs, etc.)2 Weeks3 Months after Deactivation
If you believe there has been an error or you have important information stored in your account, please submit an RT ticket or contact the Technology Support Center.

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