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1. The As of Pay Period field represents the end date and pay period for the leave balances reported in the ‘As of Balance’ column in the leave section of the time sheet. Example: In the screenshot below, 1/18/20 is the end date for pay period 2020-15; thus, the leave balances displayed in the As of Balance column (refer to #3) are as of pay period 2020-15 (ending 1/8/20).

2. Earn rates are displayed for vacation and sick leave. These are the accrual rates that the employee earned for the pay period. In the screenshot below, the vacation earn rate is 7.69 hours and the sick earn rate is 4.62 hours. The earn rates (accruals) are earned per pay period and are pro-rated if an employee is in an unpaid status for any portion of a pay period or is reduced if an employee is repaying borrowed leave.

3. ‘As of Balance’ is the calculated leave as of the specified date and pay period identified in the leave section (refer to #1). As of balances on the time sheets are 2 pay periods in the arrears assuming prior time sheets are submitted and approved by the established deadline. Late time sheets delay the processing of accurate leave balances. Balances are inclusive of:

4. Anticipated Current Balanceis the projected balance for the current timesheet period. This balance is based on any saved timesheet(s) that have not been processed through the leave management system. As an employee updates a timesheet with leave usage and saves the timesheet, the anticipated current balance field will recalculate accordingly. If an employee has multiple timesheets to report leave usage, the field will change as each timesheet is updated and saved. IMPORTANT NOTE: A balance will not display for holiday leave due to the various leave observances for a given holiday among employees as well as and the possible immediate need for a change in schedule dates.

5. Year-End Vacation Forecastis the projected vacation balance at year-end with the assumption that there is no leave usage going forward. The forecast is useful for employees to evaluate “use or lose” and/or possible leave payout. The forecast figure is using the Anticipated Current Balance” (refer to #4 above) and projecting the balance through the last pay period of the current year (the last pay period that starts in December). Note: Employees who change to a non-vacation leave eligible (ie. 12-month faculty to 9-month faculty) should disregard the forecast figure.

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