The CMI was developed to benefit students by offering:

  • Lower-priced course materials. Who doesn’t want that?
  • Access to your course materials by the first day of class; you get the right stuff, right when you need it.
  • The ability to pay on your student bill, just like tuition. A course materials charge will be included on all registered students’ tuition bill for the courses in this program. This allows you to use budget billing for your course materials!
  • Common digital format – say goodbye to heavy backpacks & bulky books, and feel good about this environmentally-friendly alternative. (Don’t worry there are print options available for those who want it.)
  • Access to your course materials wherever and whenever. Once you download your digital book to your bookshelf, you can access it anywhere – even without a connection! You can study using up to 4 devices; go from your desktop, to your laptop, to your iPad/ Kindle, to your Android/iPhone.
  • Single sign-on. Tired of having to log into multiple sites to access your course materials? This Initiative makes that problem go away. When you enroll in a CMI course, an ADA compliant, common digital format of your textbook and ancillaries, such as Aleks or WebAssign, automatically uploads onto your Blackboard account.


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