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Moderators and presenters can upload certain types of content or share the desktop screen with participants. The new Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Experience performs best in Google Chrome browser. Moderators and presenters must have the Chrome extension installed for desktop and app sharing to function within the browser.


Sharing files

  • Upload GIF, JPEG and PNG images, PDF files, or PowerPoint presentations to your session.
  • Select Add Files Here or drag a file into the box to upload it. Click Share Now when ready for participants to see the file.

Sharing whiteboard

  • Collaborate with your students using the whiteboard. Open a blank whiteboard to draw or just jot down notes.

Sharing applications

  • Share your desktop or a software application to teach students about a particular topic. Whenever you move through the application or desktop, your students automatically follow along.

NOTE: Application sharing is not currently supported for screen readers in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Experience. If you are using a screen reader, you can share files and a blank whiteboard with your participants. You cannot share an application.

Sharing PowerPoint

  • Select Share Files when using PowerPoint presentations of 60MB or lower. This gives you and your participants the best experience.
    • Upload your PowerPoint and click Share Now
    • A slide navigator panel opens showing you all of your slides. 
    • Select a slide to start sharing it. Click the presentation name to open the slide navigator panel again at any time.
  • TIP: Use Share Application, if your presentation has animations. Choose Entire Screen or make sure your presentation is in Present mode before sharing it as an application.

Sharing / presenting tools

  • When you share a blank whiteboard or files you are given tools you can use to edit during the live session. You can also decide if you want to give your participants the same tools in Session Settings.
      • Select: Use the arrow to select an object on the whiteboard. After you select it you can resize, move, and delete it.
      • Pointer: Use the hand to point to different areas of the visible slide. Participants see wherever you are pointing on the slide.
      • Pencil: Use the pencil to draw free hand on the slide.
      • Square: Use the square to draw a rectangle, ellipse, or a straight line. Your choice.
      • Text: Type text on the slide with the "T".
      • Erase: Use the eraser to undo everything you or another moderator has added to the slide with one click.
      • Previous: Go back a slide. With your keyboard, press Alt + Page Down to move back a slide. On a Mac, press Alt + Fn + Down Arrow.
      • PowerPoint Name: Open the slide navigator panel.
      • Next: Move ahead a slide. With your keyboard, press Alt + Page Up to move to the next slide. On a Mac, press Alt + Fn + Up Arrow.
      • Stop Sharing: Stop sharing content.
      • Zoom In: Make the content bigger. Move the content around to see everything.
      • Zoom Out: Make the content smaller.
      • Best Fit: Take advantage of your screen real estate. Content adjusts to be completely viewable in the available area. It displays as large as possible while keeping the aspect ratio intact.
      • Actual Size: Return the image to the original size.
      • Show/Hide View Controls: Show or hide your zoom, fit, and size controls.