On January 31, 2019, Blackboard released an update impacting the desktop application for TurningPoint Cloud and preventing instructors from importing their participant list. Users who tried to connect to the Blackboard integration received the error message stating the system is unable to connect to the server. To continue polling with TurningPoint software, users must upgrade to TurningClassic. The instructions below explain how to download TurningClassic for new users. If you would like to upgrade to TurningClassic from TurningPoint Cloud, please visit the following FAQ page: How do I upgrade to TurningPoint?

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  1. Go to
  2. Click on the appropriate software version for your computer to begin the download.
    1. For PC, the Install version is recommended if you only want to install the software on your own computer. The No Install version is recommended if you are planning on installing the software on a different computer, or on multiple computers, as you can save the No Install executable to a flash drive or network drive and run the installation multiple times.

Offline Password

Once TurningClassic has finished installing, you will be prompted to create an offline password. This is recommended so that you can access TurningClassic without an Internet connection.

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