In order for the users to be able to send session grades to Blackboard, they must have the latest version of TurningPoint 8 installed on their computers.

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  1. Close out of your the polling software you were using to cue up the the TurningPoint Cloud Dashboard.

  2. In the dashboard, select Manage tab.
  3. Select the appropriate Participant List for the course.
  4. Click Upload Grades.

  5. A Grade Upload Warning will pop up if any of your students are missing part of their registration.  Click OK.
  6. Click on the box to select each session you want to export and click Upload.
  7. Click Export.

    Note: Each session uploaded will be a new column in the Grade Center of your Blackboard course. You can also choose to upload a Total Performance, Total Participation, or Total Points column.  If you select this option, you will be updating that Total column each time you export your grades to Blackboard. 

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