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The invalid log in credentials error appears for one of two reasons:

  • You're not currently affiliated with the university. UMBC Box accounts are only available to current faculty, staff, and students. You can request temporary access to your account to retrieve files by visiting How do I request my account remain active or be reactivated?
  • You previously signed up for a non-UMBC-affiliated Box account using your UMBC email address. Box only allows an email address to be associated with one account, so when you try to log in using your UMBC email address, we're unable to set up the UMBC-affiliated account due to the address being used for your existing account. Further indicating the existence of this non-UMBC-affiliated account. When a UMBC-affiliated account does exist, a user attempting to log in using their UMBC email address is automatically redirected to the myUMBC log in screen to log in through our Single Sign On system.
    • To resolve this issue, you'll need to log into your Box account and change the email address on record to something other than your UMBC email address so that a UMBC-branded account can be created.
Please note that UMBC cannot access non-UMBC Box accounts. You can use the "Reset Password" option below the sign in button to reset your password. Should further assistance with accessing the account be required, you'll need to contact Box directly

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