In order for the clicker Blackboard integration (e.g. downloading participant lists and sending grades to Blackboard) to work on a P.C. or Mac, users must have the latest version of TurningPoint 8 installed on their computers.

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  1. Open TurningPoint 8 on your computer and sign into the software using your Turning Account credentials.
  2. From the dashboard, click on the TurningPoint 8 logo at the bottom center of the page. The version of TurningPoint 8 you current have installed on your computer will appear next to the TurningPoint logo (e.g. 8.7.1). When you click on the logo, an About TurningPoint window appears.

  3. Click Check for Updates. Available updates will appear, and you will be able to update the software on your PC or Mac from this screen. 

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