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  • All UMBC employees with access to confidential student information – typically faculty and staff with access to advising records in PeopleSoft or the Report Exchange (REX) data warehouse – are required to annually acknowledge their obligations to protect student data under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). More Information.
  • If you see the FERPA acknowledgement screen below, you have 45 days to accept or your access to these systems will be disabled. 
  • FYI: UMBC's Division of Information Technology has licensed a brief (4 min, 32 sec) FERPA video tutorial from the SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security (SANS) Institute but access to the tutorial is granted upon request. To do so, please submit a Request Tracker (RT) ticket on the myUMBC Help menu or directly at

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UMBC FERPA Acknowledgement Screen

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  1. Review your obligations as a UMBC employee under FERPA.
  2. Click "Accept" or "Ask Tomorrow" (up to 45 days).
  3. You will be prompted to do so again, one year after you accept.

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