Company: Federal Foundry and

Location: Arlington, Virginia (50/50 work from home)


We are improving America’s national security, the quality of the environment, health care, and bringing down the national debt.  How you may ask? All of those things are largely done by government contractors, not the government itself.  Unfortunately, the contracting process has become hopelessly complex and there are no guidebooks out there.  This means that American’s are getting the products and services provided by the companies that are best at navigating the system rather than the companies that deliver the best value.

We can’t change the law but we can build the guide book.  Over the last two years we’ve been providing in person education for new government contractors and now we want to start doing it online so we can help Americans all over the country get the best. 

Instructional Designer Internship Description

We are looking for a few creative and motivated interns to join our education team to help us turn our existing content into a high quality curriculum and to help us build all the other classes we’ve always wanted to provide. 

But here’s the catch, this is boring stuff, like crazy put you to sleep Rip Van Winkle boring. So we need people who have a creative and fun streak to help us figure out how to structure and present the content to maximize learning but also how to do it in a way that makes people pay attention.

We know and have delivered the boring content many times, now we need you to make it internet ready so that it can reach California, Alabama and every place Americans are working overseas.

Position Requirements

  • Academic training in instruction design and online learning
  • Expertise in adult learning
  • Experience making learning and job aids
  • Experience with a broad range of online learning delivery formats (animation, video etc)
  • Enjoy working in small mission focused teams with writers, animators, and humorists
  • Experience with new businesses a plus
  • Theater, improve, televisions, and other entertainment experience a plus
  • Government contracting market experience appreciated but not necessary

Compensation: Flexible depending on experience but expected in the $15/HR range

Time commitment: Ideally 10HR/week

Start date: Flexible, ideally early September

Interested Applicants should send their resume to Geof Orazem at


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