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Before You Begin...

Combined classes in SA are the same as cross-listed classes.   Combined classes mean that the following class attributes are the same:

  • Share an instructor
  • Meet at the same time during the week
  • Meet in the same location

Before a class can be combined in SA, both classes must be first created in SA. 

The difference between a cross listed class and a combined class is:

Cross Listed ClassesCombined Classes
  • Cross listed at the Catalog level
  • Approved by UGC
  • Are permanent  
  • They roll each term as a cross listed class
  • They can vary from term to term
  • The scheduling coordinator must request that the classes be combined each term (complete the spreadsheet and submit it to the Registrar's Office via RT)
  • They DO NOT roll as a combined class.   

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SA Tip

 If you have questions related to your cross listed/combined classes, please reach out to the Registrar's Office prior to the deadline.  Submit an RT ticket and assign it to the Scheduling Queue.

 Cross Listed/Combined Business Process