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The Student Evaluation of Educational Quality (SEEQ) Questionnaire:


I have found the course intellectually challenging and stimulating.
I have learned something which I consider valuable.
My interest in the subject has increased as a consequence of this course.
I have learned and understood the subject materials of this course.


The instructor was enthusiastic about teaching the course.
The instructor was dynamic and energetic in conducting the course.
The instructor enhanced presentations with the use of humor.
The instructor's style of presentation held my interest during class.


The instructor's explanations were clear.
Course materials were well prepared and carefully explained.
Proposed objectives agreed with those actually taught so I knew where the course was going.
The instructor gave lectures that facilitated taking notes.


Students were encouraged to participate in class discussions.
Students were invited to share their ideas and knowledge.
Students were encouraged to ask questions and were given meaningful answers.
Students were encouraged to express their own ideas and/or question the instructor.


The instructor was friendly towards individual students.
The instructor made students feel welcome in seeking help/advice in or outside of class.
The instructor had a genuine interest in individual students.
The instructor was adequately accessible to students during office hours or after class.


The instructor contrasted the implications of various theories.
The instructor presented the background or origin of ideas/concepts developed in class.
The instructor presented points of view other than his/her own when appropriate.
The instructor adequately discussed current developments in the field.


Feedback on examinations/graded materials was valuable.
Methods of evaluating student work were fair and appropriate.
Examinations/graded materials tested course content as emphasized by the instructor.


Required readings/texts were valuable.
Readings, homework, laboratories contributed to appreciation and understanding of subject.


Compared with other courses I have had at UMBC, I would say this course is:
Compared with other instructors I have had at UMBC, I would say this instructor (Instructor Name) is:
As an overall rating, I would say the instructor (Instructor Name) is:


This table represents which Likert-scale responses are assigned to each section:

Survey Section HeadingsLikert-Scale Responses
  • Learning
  • Enthusiasm
  • Organization
  • Group Interaction
  • Indvidual Rapport
  • Breadth
  • Examinations
  • Assignments

Strongly Disagree
Neutral Agree
Strongly Agree
Not Applicable

  • Overall

Very Poor
Very Good
Not Applicable


Direct Instructor Feedback Forms (DIFFs)

What was the best part of the course and why?

What changes would you recommend in the course and why?

What classroom approaches or actions make this instructor an effective teacher?

Were there any classroom approaches or actions that hinder this instructor from being an effective teacher? If so, what?

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