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Most instructors find it easiest to access Qwickly Attendance directly from their course menu.  This is also a great place to link to Qwickly Attendance for students so they can see their attendance record or easily check-in if you choose to use the Student Check-In feature.

Qwickly Attendance must be configured to support student check-in before it can be used. Configuring the check-in settings allows you to specify how much time students have to check-in.

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  1. Access Qwickly Attendance from the course menu or from Control Panel -> Course Tools.
  2. Click Start Check In tab at the top of the Qwickly Attendance screen.

  3. Decide whether to display the PIN and countdown timer to students.

    The PIN is randomized for each check-in session.
If necessary, faculty can override any attendance check-in with a different status.

Limitations of Qwickly

  • Qwickly tools are filtered to the current academic year to streamline efficiency

Feedback from faculty will help the instructional technology team refine Qwickly's future use every semester.