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There are several different roles in Blackboard Collaborate. Here is the direct language Blackboard uses to describe the different roles in a Collaborate session from their FAQ’s:

  • Moderator: Has full control over all content being shared. They can make any participant a presenter or a moderator. Moderators see hand raise notifications and can lower hands. They can remove participants from a session, but they cannot remove other moderators. Moderators can set the session settings, including deciding what participants can and can't do.

  • Presenter: Designed to allow students to present without giving them full moderator privileges. Presenters can upload, share, edit, and stop sharing content. They can also see hand raise notifications and can lower hands.

  • Participant: Can enable and disable notifications, such as when participants enter and leave a session or when someone has posted something to the chat. Moderators decide if participants share audio and video, chat, and draw on the whiteboard or shared files.

  • Captioner: Provides an accessible learning experience for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as for students whose native language is different from the moderator's. A participant is assigned this role by a moderator. The captioner is given an area to type what is being said. Other participants can view what the captioner is typing in real time. You can have multiple captioners for multiple languages.

If you want students to share and lead a discussion during the Collaborate session, the best role would be presenter. If there is another instructor during the session, their best role may be moderator.

Before or During a Live Session:

To promote a participant to any of the roles mentioned above, before or during a live session, once members have entered the Collaborate room, complete the following steps:

  1. In your Collaborate session, locate the icon with two arrows / chevrons on the bottom right hand corner to open the Moderator Controls.

  2. Click on the participant list

  3. Locate the participant you wish to promote

  4. At the far right of their name is an icon with three dots in it. Click this drop-down menu icon

  5. Click on which role you wish to promote the participant to 

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