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In some instances, instructors or departments may want to establish a virtual room that may not necessarily be linked to a course. The course room in Blackboard Learn should always be the central resource for web conferencing, but an "a la carte" room is useful for department meetings, virtual tutoring, conferences, interviews, thesis and dissertation defenses, etc.

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Users have two options to request a non-course Collaborate room:

Option #1

Request a Collaborate community. The community functions just like a course, but it is not tied to enrollments.

Option #2

Request a Collaborate room that is completely separate from Blackboard Learn. Since these separate rooms do not have direct access to a Collaborate interface, you must request your recording link after each session.

  1. Open an RT ticket in the Online Learning queue.
  2. Include the first name, last name, myUMBC username, and UMBC email address for each moderator who will have access to the Ultra room.
    • If a non-UMBC moderator is needed, please include first name, last name, and email address.
  3. Provide a name & description for the Ultra room.
  4. Identify a start and end date for the Ultra room (if you want it to be continuous this information is not necessary).

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